Do I need to refrigerate toffee?

The shelf-life of our Toffarazzi is about 4-6 weeks. If you do not plan to eat all of your toffee that quickly, or have purchased extra for gifts, you can store it in the fridge or freezer for up to a year. Some people even prefer to eat it cold or frozen, but if not, when you are ready to indulge just leave it on the counter to get it back to room temperature. 

Does toffee have gluten?

Our toffee is gluten free! Toffarazzi is a gluten-free chocolate item. It is manufactured in a facility that processes some items containing gluten, however the equipment and machinery used to make our toffee does not directly process any gluten-containing items. 

What is toffee made of?

Our milk chocolate almond toffee is made with 4 simple ingredients: Butter, Sugar, Almonds, and Chocolate. We pride ourselves in the freshness of our toffee, and make our almond toffee in small batches to ensure both quality and freshness. The butter and sugar are cooked in a copper kettle pot and stirred by hand, then almonds are added while the mixture continues to be stirred. When it reaches the perfect temperature and consistency, the almond toffee is poured onto a marble slab table and cut by hand into our toffee squares as it begins to harden. Then our toffee is enrobed in Swiss-recipe milk chocolate, and covered in crushed almonds. Is your mouth watering yet? Check out our selection of award-winning toffee here.

Where can I buy your chocolates and toffee?

We currently sell our Toffarazzi Toffee and gourmet chocolates online, and attend various local and regional holiday markets along with the San Antonio and Houston Rodeos. You can find a list of our market dates on our Contact Us page. We do not have a storefront, but customers can come by our commercial kitchen to pick up orders.

Can I stop by anytime?

We do allow customers to pick up orders at our commercial kitchen, but require a scheduled pick-up time arranged in advance. We encourage you to place your order online first and select Pick-Up as your shipping method at checkout. After you place your order, you can schedule your pick-up on the order confirmation page. 

The pick-up location is at our commercial kitchen, located in Ashcroft Plaza at 6909 Ashcroft Dr. #315, Houston, TX 77081. 

Can I add a gift message to my order?

We are continuously working on providing our customers with the best experience shopping for gifts, and the Gift Message feature has changed a few times. Now you can add a free Gift Message to your order as a separate item. Select a gift card template based on the event or holiday, and just fill in the "To" and "From" fields. You can also add a customized message for just $1 that will be handwritten on your card. 

Where do I apply a coupon to my order? 

There are 2 places in the checkout process where you can apply your coupon code. In your Cart page, under your order details there is a line titled Coupon Code. Click on "Apply Coupon" and type in your code. If you are at Checkout, underneath your order subtotal and shipping charges there is a field labeled "Coupon/Gift Certificate." Type your code here and click on Apply. 

Can I use multiple coupon codes?

Only 1 coupon can be used per order. 

Can I place one order online that ships to multiple addresses?

Yes! In order to place one transaction to ship to multiple addresses, you will need to create an account on our website. After you create an account, add all of your shipping addresses under the tab titled "Addresses." If you don't already have all your items in your cart, find the items you wish to purchase and add the total quantities you need to your cart. When you get to Checkout, under the Shipping section look for Ship to multiple addresses that will be in blue. It will then allow you to select which address you would like to ship each of the items in your cart, and will calculate your shipping charges based on the addresses and shipping method(s) you have selected. If you have any trouble, feel free to contact us.

If this sounds too complicated or you don't have time to enter in all your addresses, we are happy to assist! Give us a call or email your mailing list to and let us know which items you would like to send to your recipients. We can put together your order, and we'll call you with the total or email you an invoice to process payment. 

Can I place an order to be shipped at a later date?

Yes, you can pre-order items from our website by selecting a future ship date at checkout. 

Will my chocolate melt during shipping?

We are located in Houston, TX which unfortunately is often hot! When necessary, a cold-pack will be added to your package to help protect against heat damage. The cold-packs keep the chocolates cool for approximately 48 hours, so if it doesn't look like our typical standard shipping via USPS will arrive within 2 days, we will upgrade shipping with FedEx for a guaranteed delivery window. 

Find more details about our Shipping policy here: Shipping Information

The additional fees and upgraded shipping will already be included in the shipping price, which is why you may notice a higher shipping price than in cooler seasons. We are doing our best to offer you the best value while making sure your package arrives in tact!

If your chocolates do arrive melted, please let us know and we will resolve the issue as quickly as we can.